The Tunisian Association of Digital Geography, in collaboration with the Euro-Arab Union of Geomatics and the Arab Union of Surveying, and in partnership with the Journal of Geographic Sciences, is organizing the 16th International Conference on Geomatics and Geographic Artificial Intelligence - Geo-Tunis, in the city of Hammamet from May 6th to 10th, 2024.

The Role of Geographic Infrastructure in Establishing Sustainable Development

06-10 May 2024 / Tunisia

In this context, we are honored to invite you to participate in various scientific and training events. The 16th edition will be organized in collaboration with numerous international scientific institutions and will feature significant participation from international researchers and academics. The 16th edition aims to establish a new approach to dealing with geographic information and its various means, including remote sensing, spatial geography, information systems, and more. It will address important topics and proposals aimed at establishing a successful development model based on geographical standards and contributing to the search for practical solutions to various environmental, health, social, and security issues facing our world today. The conference will cover numerous scientific themes, technical topics, and technological advances designed to enhance the capabilities of researchers and specialists in the field, develop their knowledge and technical skills, and improve the capabilities of their institutions and their members. Today, Geo-Tunis is considered an international and academic hub for geospatial technology, geographic information systems, remote sensing, and related sciences, thanks to the leadership of its administrators and its renowned academic and scientific spaces on the global stage. Participation in Geo-Tunis represents an opportunity for all those interested in expanding their knowledge, enhancing their technical skills, and showcasing their technological contributions. It is a space where development is viewed from a scientific and technical perspective, aiming to achieve the desired goals. We invite you from all corners of the world to participate in one of the most important international scientific conferences dedicated to the applications of space technology, geographic information systems, and remote sensing. Be sure to mark your calendar, and you are most welcome to join us in the sixteenth edition of Geo-Tunis.

Conference objectives:

  1. Review the latest developments in Geographic Information Systems and Digital Geography.
  2. Provide spatial and technological solutions to support decision-making.
  3. Enhance scientific interaction in the field of Geographic Information Systems.
  4. Foster knowledge and technical exchange among experts.
  5. Facilitate the sharing of experiences among participants.
  6. Support research systems in intelligent disciplines.
  7. Boost opportunities for intellectual and technical investment
  8. Foster scientific relationships among various participating entities in the sector.

Scientific themes:

  1. Natural resources and water management, desertification and climate change
  2. Agriculture and Food
  3. Smart Cities, Urban Planning and Sustainable Development
  4. Geology, Earth Sciences and the Environment
  5. Energy, Renewable Energies and Energy Transition
  6. Security and Defense
  7. Health, Education and Social Services
  8. Technical Topics / Digital geography , Geographic Information Systems , and Geographic Artificial Intelligence
  9. Open and Free Sources for Geomatics Technologies, Space Sciences, and Geographic Artificial Intelligence.

Activities programmed in Geo Tunis:

  1. Seminars :

    1. International Symposium on National Security Strategy in Light of Geostrategic Transformations
    2. International Symposium / Geographical Information Systems Security (GISS) and its applications
    3. Symposium on : Climate change facts and its impact on the economy and society
    4. International Symposium / Smart Cities and Sustainable Urban Planning
    5. Symposium on / Geographical Information Systems and Remote Sensing and their Applications in Archeology
    7. Symposium on / The Role of Surveying Sciences - Geographical Information Systems in Development
    8. Symposium on / Water Management and Agricultural Techniques in the Arab World
    9. Renewable energy valuation in the global energy transition
    10. The Role of Geomatics in the Management of Disasters and Infrastructural Failure
    11. Symposium on / Social and Solidarity Economy in the Light of Digital Challenges
    12. Symposium on / Irregular migration between human rights approaches and state security

  2. Workshops: will be organized by international institutions and experts.
  3. Training courses: in the field of , GIS and Remote Sensing.

International Exhibition: Large international scientific institutions and laboratories will participate in this event. Most of them specialized in the field of providing services , aerial photography , providers of satellite images , radars ,producers ,developers of software and machines, equipments, measurement of space , satellite positioning devices , engineering offices Consulting and various related fields

1st theme: Management of natural and water resources, desertification and climate change
  • Natural resource management
  • Soil and plant sciences
  • Water resources management / water scarcity / water harvesting
  • Natural Hazards
  • Drought, desertification and desert - desert development
  • Marine and air pollution
  • Industrial pollution and mining industries / phosphate - cement, etc...
  • Climate change, mitigation and adaptation mechanisms
  • Environmental fields
  • Local and international laws and legislations in the field of environment and natural resource management
2nd theme: Agricultural and Food Security
  • Agricultural fields
  • Plant and animal genetic resources
  • Agricultural techniques
  • Climate change, mitigation and adaptation
  • Food and Sustainability
  • Food security and sovereignty
  • Agricultural intensification
  • Animal Production
  • Forage and pastoral patterns
  • Rural settlement
3rd theme: Smart Cities, Urban Planning and Sustainable Development
  • City planning and smart cities
  • Green cities
  • Urban development
  • Transport networks
  • Wired and wireless networks
  • Coastal strip management
  • Archeology and Tourism
  • Management of cities and industrial centers
4th theme: Geology, Earth Sciences and Environment
  • Environmental Geology
  • Petroleum Geology
  • Geology and Mineral Resources
  • Engineering Geology
  • Structural Geology
  • Geology and Civil Engineering
  • Exploration Geophysics
  • Mining Geology
  • Economic Geology
  • Marine Geology
  • Physical Geology
  • Geological Consulting
5th theme: Energy, Renewable Energies and Energy Transition
  • Oil and gas
  • Geology and earth science
  • Solar energy
  • Wind power/ wind energy
  • Hot water energy
  • Waste valuation
  • Energy transformation
  • Industry and mining industries
6th theme: Security and Defense
  • GIS applications in security
  • Geomatics in decision making
  • Remote sensing (space)
  • Remote sensing (aerial)
  • GPS system
  • Web mapping/ paper maps
  • Civil defense
  • Tourists safety and security
  • Crime mapping
7th theme: Health, Education and Social Services
  • Applications in health and epidemic control
  • Schooling and education
  • Virtual and distance education
  • Immigration and emigration
  • Migration and displacement / asylum and humanitarian work
  • Poverty alleviation and social assistance
8th theme: Technical Topics / Digital geography , GIS , RS and Geospatial Artificial Intelligence (GeoAI)
  • Digital geography and geographic artificial intelligence applications
  • Geographical artificial intelligence
  • Advances in digital geography
  • Advanced mapping and digital modeling
  • Geographic simulation applications
  • Geographic information systems
  • Management and analysis of digital spatial data
  • Using digital spatial data for decision-making
  • Geographic big and meta data
  • Electronic capture of spatial data
  • Geographic data storage
  • Geographic data manipulation, and analysis
  • Principles and concepts of digital geography
  • Fundamental skills in GIS
  • Governmental, industrial, and economical applications
  • Municipal services, health, and retailing
  • Geospatial technologies in natural and social sciences
9th theme: Open Software for Geomatics, Geospatial Science and Artificial Intelligence
  • Open source remote sensing
  • Open source GIS
  • Open source web maps
  • Open source mobile applications
  • Open data and analytics
  • Big data
  • Open source software
  • Open software
  • Geographical Artificial Intelligence Software

Honorary Scientific Council

  • Professor HRH Princess Mishael Al Saud - Professor of Applied Geomorphology, Honorary President of the Tunisian Association for Digital Geographic Information
  • Professor Ronald Francis Abler, former President of the International Union of Geographical and former President of the American Association of Geographers
  • Professor El-Sayed Sayed El-Husseini - Former president of the Egyptian Geographical Society
  • Professor Sarkis Fadous - President of the Arab Union for Surveying - Dean of the Faculty of Engineering at the Lebanese Canadian University
  • Professor Georg Gartner former President of the International Cartographic Association

Organizational and Scientific Committee

  • Chairman of GEO-TUNIS: Dr.Mohammed Ayari /President of the Euro-Arab Union of Geomatics - - President of the Tunisian Association for Digital Geographic Information
  • Chairman of the Scientific Council - Professor Salwa Saidi - Coordinator of the Geomatics Departments at the Faculty of Science in Tunis
  • The General Supervisor of the Geo Tunisia Exhibition for Geomatics and Artificial Intelligence Eng. Ahmed SEFI/ International Expert and consultant in Geospatial data and technologies, for Civil and Defense Applications.

High Scientific Committee of the Forum

  • Professor Jean Doumit - Head of the Department of Geography - Lebanese University
  • Professor Mohamed Sirto – Morocco
  • Dr. Najib Belhabib - President of the Higher School of Technology - Tunisia
  • Prof. Alan Othman - France
  • Professor Muhammed Al-Muqri - Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
  • Dr. Abdelqader Rahim - Cybersecurity Consultant - Libya
  • Professor Hussein Nchnish - Algeria
  • Professor Philippe de Joux - Union for the Mediterranean for Scientific Research and Technological Renewal
  • Prof. Haider Hajo Al-Senussi - Sudan
  • Professor Abdul Saleh Fayyad - Head of the Department of Applied Geology, College of Science, University of Anbar - Iraq
  • Professor Naima El-Issaoui - Morocco
  • Professor Ruqayya Amin Al-Ani / Iraqi University - Iraq
  • Dr. Mounir Arjdal - Morocco
  • Prof. Omar Chermiti - Tunisia
  • Professor Othman Sharkas - Palestine

Members of the Higher Scientific Committee

  • Dr. Noaman Bakari – Faculty of Science / University of Tunis El Manar – Tunisia
  • Dr. Mohamed Hamdi - Canada
  • Dr. Samar Saqr - Lebanese University - Lebanon
  • Dr. Miftah Al-Fatni - Al Asmarya University – Libya
  • Dr. Sid Ahmed soufiane - Algerian Geographical Society - Algeria
  • Dr. Saleh Zarayeb - University of Batna - Algeria
  • Dr. Louisa Amrouche - Algeria
  • Prof. Beya Tayashi - University of Tunis El Manar - Tunisia
  • Professor Ali Abu Azoum - Head of the Arab Center for Desertification Studies - Libya
  • Professor Tariq Al-Rashed - United States of America
  • Assistant Professor Dr. George Abi Diwan - Lebanese University - Lebanon
  • Prof. Brice Enslam - France
  • Dr. Evgeny Kiselov - Russia
  • Professor Mohamed Lama - Libya
  • Dr. Amin Baraka - King Faisal University - Chad
  • Eng. Muhammad Al-Barqawi - ACSAD
  • Professor Abdelaziz Daoud - University of Sfax - Tunisia
  • Dr. Seddik Noreen - Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
  • Dr. Fatma Taqtaq - Tunisia
  • Dr. Asmaa Al Ketbi - President of the Emirates Geographical Society - United Arab Emirates

Members of the Organizing Committee

  • Engineer Helmi Lamouchi
  • Engineer Imad Belhachemi – Tunisia
  • Mr. Mohamed Idris - Libya
  • Dr. Mounir Arjdal – Morocco
  • Mr. Abdel Baset Al Khadrawi - Tunisia
  • Mr. Amin Ben Othman – Tunisia
  • Mr. Ali Naji - Tunisia
  • Ms. Dalila Aouani - Tunisia
  • Ms. Chaima Dridi- Tunisia
  • Ms. Hala Saiidi
  • Mr. Mokhles Souissi
  • Mr. Mohsen Belarabi
  • Ms. Hanan Bou Allaggue

The organizing committee of The The 16th edition of the international congress - Geo Tunis which will be held in TUNISIA, from 06 to 10 May 2024 . is honored to inform participants, who wish to make a poster presentation, to send an abstract before 15-03-2024. If you would like to participate please follow the following steps:

  • Send us a clarifying abstract in: French, Arabic or English
  • Include the following information in the abstract: Name of the participant/ Title of the abstract/ Participant’s institution/abstract text/ key words/ abstracts shall not exceed 300 words/ the poster should not be presented previously in other conferences or magazines
  • Poster size: A0. The researcher may choose the suitable size for the poster.

The invitation is open. Abstracts deadline: 15-03-2024; Poster presenters are invited to send us their CVs with photos along with posters if they wish to publish their works.

Abstract submission deadline15/03/2024
Full research submission15/04/2024
Posters submission15/04/2024
PPT presentations submission30/04/2024
Participation only30/04/2024


GEO-TUNIS 2024 will host an exhibition that will include exhibits by leading technology providers, policy-makers, and users showcasing the innovations and upcoming trends in geospatial and allied industries. It will be where the largest geospatial companies, primary active regional industry, and many large-scale user organizations from across the globe will come together to showcase their products and services.


GEO-TUNIS exhibition 2024 is the place to be for face-to-face meeting with your top prospects. Key decision makers visit our exhibition, make the most of it! Why we’re the best platform to showcase your product: 900+ expected delegates/visitors from45+ countries Special SME/Institutional Corner at competitive rate Dedicated time for exhibition visit daily Product demo and training programs Technology sessions Networking receptions.


900 EUROS per Exhibitor

  • The booth in the exhibition contains a table and 2 chairs / electrical connection / Wi-Fi internet
  • 2 entry badges
  • Coffee break
  • 25 minutes to organize a workshop or give presentations at the conference
  • Certificates of participation and appreciation

For exhibition related queries please contact: or


الجامعة الخاصة للتكنولوجيا و إدارة الاعمال



المركز العربي الدنماركي للدراسات المستقبلية في كوبنهاكن / الدنمارك



الاتحاد الاوروعربي للجيوماتيك



الاتحاد العربي للمساحة



الجمعية الجغرافية الامارتية

Emirates Geographical Society


الاتحاد الدولي للجغرافيا

International Geographical Union


الرابطة الدولية للكارتوغرافيا



الجمعية الجغرافية الوطنية السودانية

Sudanese National Geographic Society

Euro-Mediterranean Federation for Scientific Research and Technological Innovationالفيدرالية الاورومتوسطية للبحث العلمي و التجديد التكنولوجي
Maghreb Organization GIS and Remote Sensingالمنظمة المغاربية لنظم المعلومات الجغرافية و الاستشعار عن بعد

مجلة منشورات علوم جغرافية

Geographical Sciences Publications MAG


المنظمة الفرنسية للتبادل العلمي و الثقافي مع المغرب و الشرق الأوسط

The French Organization for Scientific and Cultural Exchange with Magreb and the Middle East


جمعية افريقيا 50 فرنسا

Association Africa 50 / France


جمعية أصدقاء افريقيا الفرنكوفونية

Association of Friends of Francophone Africa


مجلة الندوة للدراسات القانونية

Al Nadwa Journal for Legal Studies


نقابة الطوبوغرافيين المجازين بلبنان


Participation fee with accommodation in a Double room
University professors and teachers500 Euros
Students, obligation of providing an evidence of the practice of the study450 Euros
Companies, Official and International Institutions550 Euros
Exhibition booth900 Euros
Family companion, Accommodation in the same room250 Euros
Participation fee with accommodation in a Single room
University professors and teachers550 Euros
Students, obligation of providing an evidence of the practice of the study500 Euros
Companies, Official and International Institutions600 Euros
Exhibition booth900 Euros

Registration Fee Includes

  • Accommodation for 5 days, 4 nights, with full pension coverage, morning breakfast, lunch and dinner
  • Accommodation starts at two in the afternoon on May 06 and ends at midday on May 10, 2024
  • Full access to all days of the Forum, including all scientific and technical sessions
  • Participation in the opening and closing ceremonies
  • Coffee Break
  • Publications of the Conference
  • Handling Document
  • Scientific publishing of conference activities

Payment method

payment by bank transfer to the current account of the association or at sight during the conference registration day.

  • Bank Name: ATTIJARI BANK
  • Branch / Agency / Paris Street Tunis - AGENCE AVENUE PARIS TUNIS
  • R.I.B Current account number: 04018104000419165651
  • I.B.A.N: TN59 04018104000419165651
  • Account Holder Name / ATIGN - GEOTUNIS
  • Swift: BSTUTNTT

Payment method for participants from Tunisian institutions

payment by bank transfer to the current account of the association or at sight during the conference registration day.

  • Bank Name: ATTIJARI BANK
  • Branch / Agency / Paris Street Tunis - AGENCE AVENUE PARIS TUNIS
  • R.I.B Current account number: 04018104000419165651
  • I.B.A.N: TN59 04018104000419165651
  • Account Holder Name / ATIGN - GEOTUNIS
  • Swift: BSTUTNTT

The transfer link should be sent via fax or e-mail For further information, please contact the Organizing Committee at the following addresses: Tel. / Fax: (00216)71 245 692

Within the activities of the 15th edition of GeoTunis, which will be held on May 22-26, 2023 in Tunisia, and in order to advance knowledge investment and constructive scientific partnership between Tunisia and Libya, based on the success of previous bilateral experiences in GeoTunis since 2014 and the importance of investment in the Cognitive and technological field , to further support the various efforts in building the capabilities and skills of the various stakeholders involved in the technology of geographic information systems and related sciences and technologies, Based on the aforementioned, the Tunisian Association of Digital Geographic Information and the Arjaa Libya Company for Geographic Information Systems will hold the Libya GIS Day and Remote Sensing in GeoTunis on May 24-25, 2023 in the city of Hammamet.

The invitation is open to participate and support the conference and enrich its contents. Greetings from the Preparatory Committee

Objectives of Libya GIS Day:

Advance investment and partnership through:
  1. Promoting cooperation between private and public institutions and strengthening cooperative relations between Libyan institutions and international companies active in the field of geographic information systems technology and geospace.
  2. Supporting planning domains by relying on digital technologies
  3. Building a geographical database and establishing an infrastructure for spatial data
  4. Establishing a comprehensive development using geospace technology and geographic information systems
  5. Mainstreaming the use of remote sensing technology and geographic information systems in various priority sectors such as the following fields of application:
    • The security and military field, health and epidemic control,the field of energy and oil, smart cities, urban planning, management of natural and water resources, management of infrastructures, management of sewage systems, management of the environmental field and pollution, management of archaeological; religious monuments and pilgrimage, communication management, building atlases and geographic portals, The field of statistics, population census, election maps…

Scientific themes:

  1. Applications of geographic information systems and remote sensing in the services sector
    • Health, hospitalization and epidemic control
    • Education and training
    • Communication and technology
    • Fiber-optic communication
    • Population census
    • Transportation and mobility
    • Tourism and Archeology
    • Social services
  2. Applications of geographic information systems and remote sensing in the field of security and defense
    • Security of cities, individuals and facilities
    • Security / monitoring of land and sea borders
    • Smuggling and illegal immigration
    • Civil Defense
    • Reducing crime and combating terrorism
    • Drone interception technologies
  3. Smart cities and sustainable urban planning
  4. Environment and climate change
  5. The agricultural field and the management of natural and water resources
  6. Energy, renewable energy, industry and mining
  7. Planning and municipal work
  8. Coastline management

The general content of the Libyan day

  • Scientific sessions / lectures and technical presentations
  • Technical workshops
  • Training workshops
  • An exhibition for companies, research centers and ministries
  • B2B business meetings

Targeted stakeholdersfrom the Libyan day

  • Ministries and public and private institutions
  • Companies and study offices
  • Universities, institutes, research centers
  • Students and undergraduates
  • Municipalities and local and regional councils
  • Workers in the service sector

Joint Preparatory Committee

Scientific Committee /
  • Dr. Moftah Dkhil - Libyan Geographical Society
  • Dr. Mohamed Ayari / Tunisian Association of Digital Geographic Information
The Preparatory Commission/
  • Mr Mohamed Idris - Tripoli University - Libya
  • Mrs Hala Saidi - Tunisia

Libyan Day presenting languages:

  • Arabic
  • English

Important dates

  • The deadline for receiving business summaries: April 16, 2023
  • The deadline for booking a suite: April 30, 2023
  • The deadline for registration to attend: May 4, 2023

For further information about registration, visit registration tab